Wednesday, September 5, 2012

SugarPunch at HyperCon 2012!

Heads up! SugarPunch will be appearing at HyperCon this year, located at the San Mateo Event Center on September 7th through 9th! Come visit our booth for exclusive SugarPunch merchandise, including this new set of League of Legends pins!

See you there!

- A Bad Idea

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SugarPunch Comics!?

Surprise! We draw comics too! Enjoy!

Lineart by A Bad Idea
Colors by Majistrate K

Disclaimer: This is probably not going to be a regular thing.

- A Bad Idea

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Majistrate K is going on hiatus

Majistrate K here.  If you were wondering why there hasn't been any news on Killer Syndicate 3, it is because I am going to be taking a break from animating videos for a while for several reasons.  So if you were wondering why there haven't been any updates on Killer Syndicate 3 it's because I'm not working on it.  I've been training and working on improving my art at and I'm not going to come back and work on Killer Syndicate 3 or any other League related thing until I've improved by a certain margin.

In the meantime, enjoy A Bad Idea's project "The Valoran Cases" while I'm gone.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Art Spotlight - Freljord Poster

Just for fun, I decided to record myself over the SugarPunch Livestream drawing the newest poster in my series of League of Legends city-state posters. Then I turned it into a time-lapse, kinda like the Champion Art Spotlights. Check it out below!

Hopefully I can get more chances to share my art process with the rest of you. Enjoy!

- A Bad Idea

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Secret Project Reveal! Bad Idea presents... The Valoran Cases!

It's certainly been a while since our first sneak peak at my solo video project, and despite major production setbacks, I'm finally ready to show what I've got!

Presenting... The Valoran Cases!

The Valoran Cases is a series of whodunnit mystery stories, starring Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover as she investigates and solves bizarre murders across Valoran! Unlike the action-packed Killer Syndicate, The Valoran Cases is more story-driven, paced similarly to text adventure games like the Ace Attourney series.

Here's some more production stills! Enjoy!

- A Bad Idea

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poll! New Poster! More Conventions!

Bad Idea here, I just got back from the printers with a batch of new posters to sell! We've got two more conventions to attend this year, and our selection of Valoran War Posters just keeps getting bigger! Which city-state/organization would you like to see made into a poster next?

A. Freljord (Ashe, Tryndamere, Nunu, Anivia, Sejuani, Volibear)
B. Bilgewater (Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Fizz, Nautilus)
C. Kinkou Order (Shen, Kennen, Akali, ???)
D. The Void (Kassadin, Malzahar, Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw)

We'll be showing up at KinYoobi Con in Newark during August 11-12, and HyperCon in San Mateo during September 7-9. See you there!

- A Bad Idea

Friday, July 6, 2012

SugarPunch on Livestream and Tumblr!

"Looking good, Sugar!"

SugarPunch now has a livestream! Drop in for art and game streaming from A Bad Idea!

Be sure to follow the SugarPunch Tumblr for stream announcements, or to ask questions!

Also, commissions are now open again! Check the link for details!

See you all online!

- A Bad Idea

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back from Anime Expo 2012!

Bad Idea here, safely at home in the Badcave after a thrilling weekend at Anime Expo! I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our table to buy from us! Your continued support will help us make new merchandise and videos for you to enjoy!

Here's some photos from the convention!


The Exile is so popular, she even has her own French Maid Bestial Huntress!

RiotRunaan stopped by to pick up a few things! Thanks!

"Captain Teemo, on duty!"

What do an Eternal Nightmare, a cat-clad Sinister Blade and a Hextech Cryophoenix have in common? Nothing really, but SugarPunch really appreciates their company!

Hey, speaking of Exiles, it's Cristina Vee, the voice of Riven! We gave her a complimentary Riven Pin (not pictured: Noel Vermillion pin, Lambda-11 Pin, Nu-13 pin, which we also gave to her)

We are scheduled to appear next year at Anime Expo 2013, so be on the lookout for us! Thank you again for all your support!

- A Bad Idea

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Majistrate K here, if you missed our last post about Anime Expo I'm making that annoucement again.  SUGARPUNCH IS GOING TO BE AT ANIME EXPO LA.  Come find us at Artist's Alley at table L12 and check out our stuff, including this Killer Syndicate poster.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Majistrate K here.  I just wanted everyone to check this out.

It's an animated comic of the upcoming Pixar movie Brave.  Why is this so special that I would post it? Because my wife is totally awesome and was on the team that developed it.  If you've got an ipad/phone whatever go give it a download.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SugarPunch at Anime Expo!

Hey everybody, Majistrate K here announcing that Sugarpunch Design Works is going to be attending  Anime Expo in Los Angeles on 6/29 to 7/2.  Come and stop by our table and support Sugarpunch Design works so we can keep making awesome League of Legends-related videos!

Our seating arrangements will be announced once the staff emails me the final seating chart.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

SugarPunch Is Now Open For Commissions!

SugarPunch Design Works is now taking commissions for character portraits, illustrations, and more!

What I CAN Draw:
Men (anywhere from Bishounen Casanova to Muscled Beefcake)
Women (anywhere from Innocent Schoolgirl to Busty Bombshell)
Lolis (and by extension, Shotas too).
18+ Material (ask me about specifics!)

What I CAN NOT Draw:
Yaoi/BL (Sorry ladies)
Furries (This includes Ponies)
Mechas (A bit of elaboration: I can draw mechas and/or power armors if you provide a design, but I am personally bad at designing them myself)

Sample Work:

Character Sprite: $15 for one pose, a default costume and 4 expressions (will include nude for free upon request)
-- Additional expressions: +$1 for up to four more expressions.
-- Additional costumes: +$5 per additional costume
-- Additional poses: +$15 per additional pose. Additional costumes already paid for will be redrawn for free
CG: $40 for one illustration; additional charges may apply for CG extensions (see Sample Image 6)

I accept payment through PayPal at this address:
Prices are subject to change!

How To Contact Me:
 You can send me an email at, contact at my deviantART account at,  or leave a comment below!

- A Bad Idea

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Table Wanted at Fanime!

SugarPunch Design Works is looking for an Artist's Alley table partner to share table space with for Fanime 2012! We are offering to pay for the entire cost of the table as compensation! We only need 50% of the table to display our merchandise, artwork, and draw commissions.

If interested, send us a reply at! Thank you all for your time!

- A Bad Idea

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Killer Syndicate 2 is live!

And here's part two of the three-part project Killer Syndicate.  Part Three is going to be the finale, so it may take longer than a month to finish it this time.  Look forward to it!

-Majistrate K

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Art

I will occasionally post some of my random sketches to share with you guys. Here's one I did of "Godfather Swain", sketched and painted in about two or so hours. Enjoy!

- A Bad Idea

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Killer Syndicate Video!

The next part of our Killer Syndicate series is online! Go check it out now!

- A Bad Idea

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Killer Syndicate 2 is in Full Production

All the assets are finished, all the legal stuff is taken care of, and now all there is to do now is animate.  See you in a week.

-Majistrate K

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Composer Wanted!

"Hey Sugar, what's it mean when a note has a little squiggly coming out of it?"

SugarPunch is looking for a composer to create original tracks for our future projects! If you are musically-inclined, comfortable with non-profit work and wanting to be included in a SugarPunch production, you can either reply to this post or send an e-mail to with samples of your work! 

- A Bad Idea

[Recruitment is now closed! Thank you all for your time!] 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stressful Events

Lots of things bothering me lately and all of it is putting a lot of pressure on me.  So here's a list of things to come:

- Finish a commission for Wondercon. 
I am not going to be attending Wondercon in San Francisco, but my artwork will.  The owner of Gamerave has been commissioning me to make League of Legends Pins for him to sell at his store and conventions.  This next shipment is about ready so I can mail it to him and you can maybe buy a pin or two from the Gamerave booth at Wondercon if you are attending.

- Contract with MachinimaRealm
MachinimaRealm contacted me last week and asked if I wanted to join their director's program which would let me upload my videos on their channel.  As much as i would love to sign up for it, there's one problem.  The contract states that I cannot monetize my videos as long as they use licensed music, which means I need to find a musician or use royalty free music before I can upload anything on MachinimaRealm.  *sigh*

-Finish Killer Syndicate 2
Sorry for the delay on this video, but the commission and the contract have really been pushing this project back longer than I'd like it.  KS has been going on the whole Metal Slug theme and even uses the Metal Slug Victory chime at the end of the video which is essential to the parody/nostalgia...which I can't use if I want to upload it on Machinimarealm.  And so my dilemma: Use royalty free music so I can accept the contract but lose the charm of the videos, or use the licensed music to keep the charm of the video but miss an opportunity to get paid for my hard work.

-Make a non-League of Legends Video
I know people enjoy the LoL videos,  but I kinda want to branch out and introduce everyone to my original characters so that I'm not constrained to doing League stuff all the time.  Once I finish Killer Syndicate 3, I'm going to start working on a project with nothing but original characters for fun.  Hopefully by that time a Bad Idea will finally have finished working on his solo project that I told him to start working on last year.

Lots of work for not much reward.  It's kinda of tiring, but hopefully I wont have some kind of stress explosion by the time this all passes over.

-Majistrate K

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Wallpapers!

We at SugarPunch are always striving for a higher standard of awesomeness, with our newer videos growing more cinematic by each installment. With that comes numerous cinematic shots that would make for amazing wallpapers, like these two shots from Laser Guided Affection, now available for download!

- A Bad Idea

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since the Dreamhack video I've been getting a lot of the same questions over and over again, so in this blog post I'm going to answer a bunch of them that keep popping up in nearly all the videos.

What program do you use for your videos?

 Everyone sees an animated video and assumes "Flash Video".  That is a terrible assumption, as I have never once opened any version of flash ever.  All the videos were constructed in Adobe Aftereffects.

Where's Yorick!? He's a pentakill member too!

Copy and Pasted from the Youtube channel:

Laser Guided Affection was written before Yorick was even released. So even though he was released during the process of making the video, there was no bassline in the song so having Yorick in the video would be kinda....odd. All the shots were constructed already without Yorick so adding Yorick would compromise timing and the structure of each shot. Unlike "Your Epic Dreamhack Comes True" (where timing the garen scene was just a miraculous coincidence) timing animation to music is REALLY HARD and has to be precise on every frame and second.

Caitlyn's ult can't miss! Why is this so inaccurate!?

Creative licensing.  Killer Syndicate follows the rules for a side scrolling platform game with elements of League of Legends in it.  If tried animating the game exactly how it should be, Miss Fortune would spend 5 minutes getting to Tristana, because she has to kill EVERY minion to get that's not even used in the setting of Killer Syndicate.  I always imagined that if Caitlyn were the boss of a level, she would be attacking you before you even got to the boss zone so that part was designed with Caitlyn targeting Miss Fortune with her ult every time she was out of brush.  Then I realized that she's going to have to shoot sometimes, because having the targeting reticule there and never fire is boring to watch.  To make a more dynamic video of a fake game I needed to put Miss Fortune in as much danger as possible so little things like cooldowns shouldn't stop her from doing it multiple times.

Poppy can't kill Nocturne! 

Poppy kills Nocturne because I hate Nocturne, and he deserves every Goldion Hammer parody I'm going to throw at him.  Maybe next time, I'll have Poppy do Goldion Crusher to whoever I feel deserves it whenever we decide to do another Super Robot Wars parody.

Miss Fortune uses two guns! Why does she only use one in Killer Syndicate?

Killer Syndicate is based around Secret Agent Miss Fortune's spy theme.  Have you ever seen a James Bond poster where he is dual wielding pistols? Does the Team Fortress 2 Spy dual wield revolvers?  Brandishing only a single pistol is excellently spy-like and that's why Miss Fortune uses one gun.

...well that's half the reason anyways.  The other half is that having her dual wield pistols would mess up pretty much all the timing on gunshots.  With two guns, she'd either have to shoot two bullets at the same time, or I'd have to increase the rate of fire.  Having two bullets out at the same time looked really bad when I animated it and it didn't portray itself very well.  On the other hand, if I increased her firing speed that means Impure Shots requires her to shoot EVEN FASTER and it would have created a terrible sounding rapid fire.

If you want to see her use two guns so badly wait for Killer Syndicate 2.

I'm a programmer and I want to make Killer Syndicate a real game!  Can I have your sprites?

No. I have no intention of making Killer Syndicate into a real game.  There are all sorts of technical reason why I don't want to give people my sprites and assets, but the reason I'll give here is this:

My wife is a programmer.  If anyone is going to make a Killer Syndicate game, it's her.

-Majistrate K

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! New Video!

After a frantic week and one spine-breaking night, we have a new video!

Congratulations to Majistrate K and Enigma4you on their marriage!

A few wallpapers were requested, and I am awake enough to deliver! Enjoy!

Special thanks to Axis Sunsoar, mevuvmyself, godsfist50, Bountyhunter49, Lady Maria, chaozfactor, Dravonio, KirbKingZ and MasterSora for anonymously participating! And a special thanks to Malaphysto, who is likely to one day gank his own teammate, especially if it's Axis =D

- A Bad Idea

Friday, February 10, 2012

Of Souls and Swords and Conventions

Hey, sorry I haven't updated in a whole week.  I got really addicted to Soul Calibur V recently and I haven't even logged on to League since the Ziggs patch.  Which means no, I haven't been workin on my videos like I should be and yes, I've been drawing Soul Calibur stuff instead.

I also noticed Fanime Con is coming up and I'm trying to get myself a table there, which means I'm going to be selling my League of Legends Pins there again.  If anyone reads this blog, I encourage you to throw me suggestions as to which champions you'd like to see pins of and support SugarPunch by maybe buying a pin or two from our table.

-Majistrate K

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Killer Syndicate Previews

I'll admit I don't have as much drive to finish Killer Syndicate 2 as I did with 1, so progress is crawling.  But to at least those of you that follow this blog get screenshots right?

Disclaimer: Sugarpunch Design Works does not recommend jungling with Miss Fortune.

Disclaimer: Sugarpunch Design Works does not recommend soloing Baron with Miss Fortune.

-Majistrate K

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Sketches 1/22/12

 So I've been working on videos for a while now using the computer to draw everything so every now and then I do silly sketches on real paper with real pens just for fun.  From now on I'm going to post some of those sketches here on this blog for all those people patiently waiting for our next videos.

-Majistrate K

This will only make sense to people who play both Shyvana and Vayne

Friday, January 20, 2012

Secret Project Sneak Peek 2!

This is A Bad Idea with another art update for my secret project! Pre-production is still crawling along, but don't worry, it's the slowest and busiest part of any SugarPunch project. In the meantime, have another preview drawing!

 Look forward to more updates in the future!
- A Bad Idea

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sneak Peak at Killer Syndicate 2

On Killer Syndicate one, I was so pumped to finally start animating my own project that I made a LOT of mistakes in the process.  So for part 2 I'm taking my time and going over this slowly so I wont have the same mistakes I had with part one.

But of course, I know you're here for the Killer Syndicate 2 preview, so here it is >: P

I hope to see this video uploaded within the next couple of days.

 - Majistrate K

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Project Sneak Peak!

A Bad Idea is currently in pre-production for a new solo project! Take a look at these preliminary drawings of Caitlyn!

I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the progress of this project, so look forward to seeing more artwork in the near future!

- A Bad Idea

Welcome to SP Blog!

Greetings from SugarPunch Design Works!

In the hopes of reaching out to our viewers, we've started this blog to post news and updates about our projects or convention appearances! Subscribe to our blog and be the first to see our latest developments!

- A Bad Idea