Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stressful Events

Lots of things bothering me lately and all of it is putting a lot of pressure on me.  So here's a list of things to come:

- Finish a commission for Wondercon. 
I am not going to be attending Wondercon in San Francisco, but my artwork will.  The owner of Gamerave has been commissioning me to make League of Legends Pins for him to sell at his store and conventions.  This next shipment is about ready so I can mail it to him and you can maybe buy a pin or two from the Gamerave booth at Wondercon if you are attending.

- Contract with MachinimaRealm
MachinimaRealm contacted me last week and asked if I wanted to join their director's program which would let me upload my videos on their channel.  As much as i would love to sign up for it, there's one problem.  The contract states that I cannot monetize my videos as long as they use licensed music, which means I need to find a musician or use royalty free music before I can upload anything on MachinimaRealm.  *sigh*

-Finish Killer Syndicate 2
Sorry for the delay on this video, but the commission and the contract have really been pushing this project back longer than I'd like it.  KS has been going on the whole Metal Slug theme and even uses the Metal Slug Victory chime at the end of the video which is essential to the parody/nostalgia...which I can't use if I want to upload it on Machinimarealm.  And so my dilemma: Use royalty free music so I can accept the contract but lose the charm of the videos, or use the licensed music to keep the charm of the video but miss an opportunity to get paid for my hard work.

-Make a non-League of Legends Video
I know people enjoy the LoL videos,  but I kinda want to branch out and introduce everyone to my original characters so that I'm not constrained to doing League stuff all the time.  Once I finish Killer Syndicate 3, I'm going to start working on a project with nothing but original characters for fun.  Hopefully by that time a Bad Idea will finally have finished working on his solo project that I told him to start working on last year.

Lots of work for not much reward.  It's kinda of tiring, but hopefully I wont have some kind of stress explosion by the time this all passes over.

-Majistrate K

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  1. I appreciate what you are doing with these videos. I would love to see you branch out into other genres such as fighting games or shooters even. Best of luck on finding that composer!