Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SugarPunch Comics!?

Surprise! We draw comics too! Enjoy!

Lineart by A Bad Idea
Colors by Majistrate K

Disclaimer: This is probably not going to be a regular thing.

- A Bad Idea

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Majistrate K is going on hiatus

Majistrate K here.  If you were wondering why there hasn't been any news on Killer Syndicate 3, it is because I am going to be taking a break from animating videos for a while for several reasons.  So if you were wondering why there haven't been any updates on Killer Syndicate 3 it's because I'm not working on it.  I've been training and working on improving my art at and I'm not going to come back and work on Killer Syndicate 3 or any other League related thing until I've improved by a certain margin.

In the meantime, enjoy A Bad Idea's project "The Valoran Cases" while I'm gone.