Saturday, February 25, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

Ever since the Dreamhack video I've been getting a lot of the same questions over and over again, so in this blog post I'm going to answer a bunch of them that keep popping up in nearly all the videos.

What program do you use for your videos?

 Everyone sees an animated video and assumes "Flash Video".  That is a terrible assumption, as I have never once opened any version of flash ever.  All the videos were constructed in Adobe Aftereffects.

Where's Yorick!? He's a pentakill member too!

Copy and Pasted from the Youtube channel:

Laser Guided Affection was written before Yorick was even released. So even though he was released during the process of making the video, there was no bassline in the song so having Yorick in the video would be kinda....odd. All the shots were constructed already without Yorick so adding Yorick would compromise timing and the structure of each shot. Unlike "Your Epic Dreamhack Comes True" (where timing the garen scene was just a miraculous coincidence) timing animation to music is REALLY HARD and has to be precise on every frame and second.

Caitlyn's ult can't miss! Why is this so inaccurate!?

Creative licensing.  Killer Syndicate follows the rules for a side scrolling platform game with elements of League of Legends in it.  If tried animating the game exactly how it should be, Miss Fortune would spend 5 minutes getting to Tristana, because she has to kill EVERY minion to get that's not even used in the setting of Killer Syndicate.  I always imagined that if Caitlyn were the boss of a level, she would be attacking you before you even got to the boss zone so that part was designed with Caitlyn targeting Miss Fortune with her ult every time she was out of brush.  Then I realized that she's going to have to shoot sometimes, because having the targeting reticule there and never fire is boring to watch.  To make a more dynamic video of a fake game I needed to put Miss Fortune in as much danger as possible so little things like cooldowns shouldn't stop her from doing it multiple times.

Poppy can't kill Nocturne! 

Poppy kills Nocturne because I hate Nocturne, and he deserves every Goldion Hammer parody I'm going to throw at him.  Maybe next time, I'll have Poppy do Goldion Crusher to whoever I feel deserves it whenever we decide to do another Super Robot Wars parody.

Miss Fortune uses two guns! Why does she only use one in Killer Syndicate?

Killer Syndicate is based around Secret Agent Miss Fortune's spy theme.  Have you ever seen a James Bond poster where he is dual wielding pistols? Does the Team Fortress 2 Spy dual wield revolvers?  Brandishing only a single pistol is excellently spy-like and that's why Miss Fortune uses one gun.

...well that's half the reason anyways.  The other half is that having her dual wield pistols would mess up pretty much all the timing on gunshots.  With two guns, she'd either have to shoot two bullets at the same time, or I'd have to increase the rate of fire.  Having two bullets out at the same time looked really bad when I animated it and it didn't portray itself very well.  On the other hand, if I increased her firing speed that means Impure Shots requires her to shoot EVEN FASTER and it would have created a terrible sounding rapid fire.

If you want to see her use two guns so badly wait for Killer Syndicate 2.

I'm a programmer and I want to make Killer Syndicate a real game!  Can I have your sprites?

No. I have no intention of making Killer Syndicate into a real game.  There are all sorts of technical reason why I don't want to give people my sprites and assets, but the reason I'll give here is this:

My wife is a programmer.  If anyone is going to make a Killer Syndicate game, it's her.

-Majistrate K

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  1. Why is the Happy Valentines Day video not working or has it been taken down? Because I wanted to see it again.