Sunday, April 22, 2012

SugarPunch Is Now Open For Commissions!

SugarPunch Design Works is now taking commissions for character portraits, illustrations, and more!

What I CAN Draw:
Men (anywhere from Bishounen Casanova to Muscled Beefcake)
Women (anywhere from Innocent Schoolgirl to Busty Bombshell)
Lolis (and by extension, Shotas too).
18+ Material (ask me about specifics!)

What I CAN NOT Draw:
Yaoi/BL (Sorry ladies)
Furries (This includes Ponies)
Mechas (A bit of elaboration: I can draw mechas and/or power armors if you provide a design, but I am personally bad at designing them myself)

Sample Work:

Character Sprite: $15 for one pose, a default costume and 4 expressions (will include nude for free upon request)
-- Additional expressions: +$1 for up to four more expressions.
-- Additional costumes: +$5 per additional costume
-- Additional poses: +$15 per additional pose. Additional costumes already paid for will be redrawn for free
CG: $40 for one illustration; additional charges may apply for CG extensions (see Sample Image 6)

I accept payment through PayPal at this address:
Prices are subject to change!

How To Contact Me:
 You can send me an email at, contact at my deviantART account at,  or leave a comment below!

- A Bad Idea


  1. I have a champion I drew up for League of Legends, I was wondering if you could draw both his normal and ulti-form.

    1. Certainly! Just send me an e-mail with the details and I'll take a look over it.

    2. Once I get good pictures of the art itself, I'll email them to you. That is after I've paid, of course.