Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back from Anime Expo 2012!

Bad Idea here, safely at home in the Badcave after a thrilling weekend at Anime Expo! I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by our table to buy from us! Your continued support will help us make new merchandise and videos for you to enjoy!

Here's some photos from the convention!


The Exile is so popular, she even has her own French Maid Bestial Huntress!

RiotRunaan stopped by to pick up a few things! Thanks!

"Captain Teemo, on duty!"

What do an Eternal Nightmare, a cat-clad Sinister Blade and a Hextech Cryophoenix have in common? Nothing really, but SugarPunch really appreciates their company!

Hey, speaking of Exiles, it's Cristina Vee, the voice of Riven! We gave her a complimentary Riven Pin (not pictured: Noel Vermillion pin, Lambda-11 Pin, Nu-13 pin, which we also gave to her)

We are scheduled to appear next year at Anime Expo 2013, so be on the lookout for us! Thank you again for all your support!

- A Bad Idea

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